Sunday, February 28, 2010

just keep swimming

So I have been thinking of this paper, and I’ve decided I need to research some advocates trying to curb the spread of prejudice. This will help my project be more comprehensive in understanding the spread of prejudice through new media by offering expert knowledge. While this one ( features hate groups in particular, I want to also research more subtle ways prejudice can be created and grow. I think exploring sites like craigslist (Rants and Raves), Fox Nation, and others will help yield more information on subtle racism and prejudice. These sites are also really popular, so it will help show how prejudice can reach the main stream through the internet. I also want to research why it might be that the internet emboldens people to say prejudiced things. Is it because of anonymity, that they know there is no repercussions, and that is how they are really feeling, or because they just want to make people angry and the internet is a good venue to reach people?

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