Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fox, not Mulder.

I remembered the Tea Party movement being called racist in the White Power USA video I watched, so I googled “Tea Party Racist” and came to a link for Fox News. Some of the comments were enlightening about people’s levels of prejudice. I was surprised and upset over some of the comments about our president, which had obvious racial undertones. I think I will definitely use the Fox Nation website in my project, because it is a mainstream site. Despite being a mainstream site, it has little comment moderation, and I suspect comments are only deleted if they offend readers on the site, who probably share the sentiments of those posting offensive comments. Since the target audience probably won’t be offended by, or even agree, to some of the more inflammatory comments, they are not deleted, and prejudice is allowed to fester. The fact that one of the biggest news channels allows prejudiced comments on their website (despite the disclaimer that they don’t reflect their company) legitimizes their content. Because it is delivered on a forum of a source that is “fair and balanced”, not deleting the comments lends credence to them. People may associate the comments with “news”. I will definitely try to look into this further.

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