Thursday, February 25, 2010

inglourous basterds

So today I found out about a really appalling hate group site in my social movements class: . While it is a little biased, we watched an informative video: democracy now . These people are trying to expand white supremacist beliefs by reaching mainstream white Americans. They use legitimate grievances to draw people in (lack of jobs) and then indoctrinate them into their beliefs. I think the reason this works is because people are frustrated and angry and these groups appeal to their initial anger and then gain their trust to “teach” their prejudices. By reaching out to the internet, they can spread their neo-Nazi beliefs to other countries and to states without “chapters”, recruiting angry people and acting as an outlet, then furthering their racist agendas. What I found very interesting was the fact that the site mentions ACORN and their practices, which was also on FOX news. I found the mainstream Fox’s coverage of ACORN racially tinged, and the fact that coverage similar to theirs appears on a neo-Nazi website furthers my suspicions. I would say that FOX news uses fear and anger, just like the hate groups, to appeal to viewers, and then use that to further subjugation of minorities (ie Glenn Beck’s “Obama is a racist”). I was really surprised that the site actually took an anti-war in Iraq/Afghanistan stance. One more thing I found interesting was the fact that the group tried to legitimize themselves by doing a highway cleanup in Colorado.

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